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Sound and Implementation for Games

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I create meaningful sound design for games and the technology to deliver a great sounding player experience. 


I've worked on projects of all shapes and sizes, from collaborating with solo devs to AAA titles. I know exactly what it takes to make an incredible sounding game.

Most recently I shipped two seasons of Rocket League, designing sounds for all facets of the game and developing proprietary audio software for Psyonix.

Rocket League

In-Game Content

Sound Design & Implementation

Season 11 Trailer

Sound Design, Music Edit, Mix

Audio Plugins

I develop my own audio synthesis and DSP plugins, like this granular synthesizer!

You can find download links by clicking on the button below.

Technical Sound Design

Videos and articles demonstrating dynamic audio implementation techniques

Unreal Engine 5

Sports Car Engine Audio System

Wwise & Unity

Adventure Game Implementation Breakdown


Wwise Auto Music Streamer

Wwise & Unity

Adventure Game Level Playthrough

Wwise Article

Generative Music System

wwise article.png



“It’s a dream to work with Caio. He always makes an effort to comprehensively understand the core concept of the story he is working with and thinks not about just how to fill in the silence, but how to use audio to truly elevate it. It’s that attention to detail and innovative artistry that makes me wish I can keep working on projects with Caio for years to come!”

- Rachel Geng, STARWEAVE

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