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Rocket League


Sound Design/Audio Programming

I designed and implemented sounds for several boosts, goal explosions, car engines, and trailers for seasons 11 and 12 - including the Porsche 911 engine.

I also designed the audio for season 11's flagship map, Estádio Vida, and produced some groovy Brazilian samba music for the arena's goal replays.

On top of that I developed a proprietary Wwise plugin in C++ made to enhance the mix of core gameplay sounds.

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Rachel Geng

Audio Director/Technical Audio Design

As the Audio Director of STARWEAVE, a narrative tactics RPG directed by Rachel Geng, I lead a team of 7 composers and sound designers.

On the audio side, I've worked extensively with Wwise and Unity to bring the game's audio vision to life, designing sound effects and implementing dynamic audio systems in Unity with C#.

On the collaboration side, I've managed the production of over 1200 audio assets, established communication pipelines with other departments, and lead a cross-disciplinary team to design and implement the dialogue playback system.


A Taste of the Past

Sondering Studio

Sound Designer/Composer/Tech Audio


I worked on Sondering Studio's debut title being responsible for all of the audio design, music, and implementation in Unity.

After release, the studio got picked up by the ID@Xbox program to fund their next project, which I also worked on establishing the creative and technical audio pillars.

All Projects

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