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Caio is a sound designer and developer passionate about the intersection of audio and technology, working to deliver meaningful sonic experiences for video games and interactive media.

He was born in São Paulo, Brazil, where he started studying music at the age of ten with an acoustic guitar handcrafted by his own grandfather, also studying composition and music production throughout his adolescence. He moved to the United States after being accepted at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he was awarded the Berklee Achievement Scholarship, majoring in Film Scoring and Music Production & Engineering with a minor in Video Game Scoring.

By influence of one of his professors, Caio started learning programming on top of his college coursework, being driven by his interest for developing his own audio manipulation tools to assist him in his work, as well as building his own dynamic audio and music systems as a form of self expression.

As an avid bookworm, and gamer, Caio was always fascinated by the creation of meaning through narrative, making that the common thread that informs all of his work.

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